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I see myself as a generalist. I am stimulated by the pluralism that characterizes contemporary art, and I welcome the notion of a polymorphous, evolving identity. Each body of work that Iíve produced over the years has come from a distinct set of influences and ideas. What ties them together is a strong commitment to process and craft.

My recent work aims to straddle formal boundaries and balance chance occurrences with intent. Although the primary medium is paint, I do not consider the works to be paintings in the traditional sense. Instead, I manipulate paint to investigate its chromatic and material properties, its sculptural possibilities and its metaphoric capacity.

I am especially fond of paint that oozes, drips, puddles and surrenders to gravity. I excise and arrange these pours of pigment into playful works that evoke biotic forms as they evolve through accretion and serendipity. The grid, both overt and implied, gives the works their structuring framework, while my search for the beautiful spill drives the process. What (I hope) results is a hybrid organism that merges interior and exterior, blends science with fiction and thrives in the gap between the artificial and the organic.